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Semi-automatic Pistol

Maximum carry comfort 

Designed primarily to serve as a duty sidearm for military and law enforcement officers.

SP-1 features lightweight alloy frame with removable grip panels, so the grip shape can be tailored to various palm sizes. It uses traditional Browning-type short recoil action with tilting barrel.

SP-1 is equipped with removable iron sights with contrast inserts, and an accessory Picatinny rail is provided below the barrel to attach tactical light and/or laser aiming module.

Moreover, SP-1 can be fitted with extended threaded barrel that would accept screw-on sound suppressor. It is also possible to install miniature red dot sights directly onto the slide.

SP-1 is offered in two versions, one of them is optimized for concealed carry by law enforcement and security personnel.
Main characteristics
Caliber, mm
9 x 19
Weight with empty magazine, kg
0.8 (0.73)
Length, mm
205 (180)
Magazine capacity, rds.
16 (14)
Barrel length, mm
112 (92)