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Fulfillment of combat tasks in the interests of army aviation with high efficiency, thanks to powerful armament complex and a combat survivability improvement set of means.

The Mi-28NE is designed for round-the-clock search and engagement of enemy's manpower, armored and non-armored equipment at the frontline and in tactical depth, destruction of enemy’s air attack low-speed targets as well as for cover and fire support of tactical landing troops.

The helicopter has high combat survivability in the air due to effective armor protection of critically important systems and aggregates. It shows efficient protection against portable SAM with multi-specter thermal homing warheads owing to helicopter fitting with ECM system.

Mi-28NE can be applied in mountainous, hot and humid climate conditions, moreover, it is provides capability of landing on unpaved sites that are located at the altitudes of up to 4000 m.

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Main characteristics
Max takeoff weight, kg
Maximum payload, kg
Max speed, km/h
Service ceiling, m
Flight range (internal fuel tanks), km
Armor protection weight, kg: