Multipurpose amphibious aircraft
And combat mission

The Be-200 multipurpose amphibious aircraft is intended to perform search-and-rescue operations, patrol maritime economic zone and assigned areas, carry out environmental monitoring, cargo and passenger operations, fire-fighting, as well as military and special tasks.

The Be-200 is a versatile aerial platform where diverse special equipment can be installed to provide an effective solution to military and civilian tasks.The plane is available in the following versions: search-and-rescue, patrol, transport, ambulance, passenger, and fire-fighting.

The Be-200 is capable of effectively providing search-and-rescue of the crews and passengers of emergency aircraft, ships and submarines, performing air patrol of the maritime economic zone and assigned areas, conducting reconnaissance of sea, land and aerial objects, supporting special operations, transporting personnel, cargo and weapons, evacuating the sick and wounded people in the event of natural disasters, as well as fighting fires with water and special fire-extinguishing fluids.