Air defence systems
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Ground-based surveillance system

Effective detection of all existing and prospective means of air attack

The complex provides the significant concealment enhancement of AD and EW systems application as a result increasing of their vitality by 30-40%

Designed for detection of pulse and continuous signals of air- and sea-based radars, friend-or-foe identification signals, and TACAN systems signals; determination of parameters of signals and types of radars; trajectory tracking of air- and seaborne objects by their electronic signature, as well as for data support of higher air defense command and control posts.

3-dimension passive radar system.

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Main characteristics
Working frequency bandwidth
0,2...18 GHz
for TACAN systems
962…1213 MHz
for friend-or-foe identification systems
1030±3; 1090±3 MHz
against tactical aircraft radars
up to 200 km
against AWACS and HAWKEYE aircraft radars
up to 400 km
against friend-or-foe identification and TACAN systems
up to 150 km
against sea-based radars and radio altimeters of cruise missiles
within eyeshot