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Electronic warfare complex against small-sized UAVs

Highly-effective system of zone protection

The ability of radioelectronic suppression of any telecommunication UAVs control channels

The Repellent system is designed for signal intelligence of UAVs and suppression of their control systems. The system provides for:
detection and direction finding of UAVs data transmission and control systems;
UAVs signal parameters tracking;
statistical processing of signal parameters, formulation of classification attributes, signal intelligence database support and signal classification;
electronic suppression of UAVs data transmission and control channels and ground control stations;
UAVs satellite navigation receiver jamming;
automated equipment diagnostics.

It may be in both mobile and stationary versions.

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Main characteristics
Signal intelligence and electronic suppression frequency bandwidth
200...6000 MHz
Signal intelligence range
at least 30 km
Electronic suppression range
up to 30 km
Azimuth operational limits
0...360 deg
Maximum direction finding error
3 deg