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Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV)

Float. Land. Win. 

BMP-3F retains all the unique features of the BMP-3 IFV while incorporating advanced design solutions for the Marines and other Sea borne units successfully accomplishing amphibious assault missions.

The BMP-3F IFV is equipped with a 100mm cannon-missile launcher, 30mm automatic cannon and 7.62mm machine gun integrated in a weapon station, as well as two 7.62mm hull machine guns, and the options for the sighting systems are the same as for the BMP-3 IFV.

The main difference is the augmented amphibious capability due to clever design solutions such as oblongated snorkel, lightweight screens and visors, which allow Sea borne units to stay at Sea for a long time (up to Sea State 3 and deliver accurate fire at Sea State 2), and successfully conduct assault operations on the enemy’s shores. BMP-3F fulfills combat and transport tasks both on the ground and in the water.

The IFV can disembark from a landing vessel off shore directly into the water and embark it again after successfully accomplishing amphibious assault missions.

Main characteristics
7 (+2 add seats)
Multi-fuel Diesel
Combat weight
18.5 t +2%
Top Road Speed
70 km/h
Top Floating Speed
10 km/h
Cruising range
600 km