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The BTR-80K command armoured personnel carrier (APC) is designed to provide a motor rifle battalion commander with control over subordinate units and communication with the regiment commander (HQ). Developed around the BTR-80, the BTR-80K has retained its basic combat and technical characteristics and is virtually identical to the baseline model in appearance, which makes it possible to hide the battalion command post on the battlefield from the enemy.

The command vehicle’s crew includes three persons: commander/senior radio operator, gunner/radio operator and driver.

The vehicle is armed with the BPU-1 machine-gun turret comprising the 14.5mm KPVT machine gun and 7.62mm PKT (PKTM) machine gun as well as the 902V smoke grenade launching system. There is the day sight for firing machine guns. Ammunition stowage for the standard armament and the layout of organic equipment somewhat differs from that in the baseline BTR-80.

Workstations for the battalion commander and two officers of his staff or attached units are equipped in the fighting compartment of the BTR-80K and fitted with tank intercom telephone sets, folding tables, fans and additional lighting.

To ensure uninterrupted communications, the command vehicle is equipped with two vehicular VHF radios and a receiver, two remote VHF radios for outdoor operation, intercom and switching equipment for 6 subscribers. To double communication range when the vehicle is at the halt, the BTR-80K is fitted with an 11-meter deployable mast antenna device. There are stowage places for a field telephone set and a reel with 500 meters of telephone cable.

Provision is made for installation of modern navigation equipment in the vehicle to locate and indicate the position of the vehicle on the electronic map and provide automated route plotting.

Main characteristics
Vehicle type
amphibious, wheeled, armored
3 (commander/senior radio operator, driver and gunner/radio operator)
Number of officer stations
machine gun, caliber, model
14.5mm KPVT
coaxial machine gun, caliber, model
7.62mm PKT
diesel, KamAZ-7403
Engine power, kW (hp)
191 (260)
Maximum speed afloat, km/h
not less than 9
Overall dimensions, mm:
track width