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Special Purpose Armored Vehicle "Tigr"

The Tigr special purpose armored vehicle is designed to carry troops, escort and protect columns, patrol, and support units with fire provided by the mounted troops during SAR and special operations.

The vehicle is suitable for conducting operations day and night, regardless of the season with no shelter required for storage, in a wide range of climatic conditions and environs as follows:

  • operating temperature range from -50 to +45 °С,
  • relative air humidity of 98 % at a temperature of +25 °C,
  • air dust concentration of up to 1.5 g/m3,
  • surface wind speed not more than of 20 m/sec,
  • precipitation intensity of up to 180 mm/h,
  • highland up to 4,500 m above the sea level with a margin provided up to 4,650 m for mounting crossing.

The Tigr combines high-mobility and fast-speed performance. Its independent torsion bar suspension allows the vehicle to travel at the highest possible speed in cross-country without trading off comfort of the crew and troops inside. The vehicle is powered by a Russian turbocharged intercooled diesel developing 215 hp. It features a 5-speed manual transmission incorporating a two-speed transfer case complete with an inter-axle differential lock and hub reduction. The vehicle is equipped with a controlled slip differential. It is cleared for operation on all types of roads and terrain towing a trailer that weights up to    2,500 kg.

The vehicle’s standard equipment includes a central tire inflation system allowing the driver to adjust the tire pressure to the road conditions underway, 4,000 kg electric winch, and air conditioning system.

At the request of the customer the vehicle can additionally be provided with a non-lethal munition launcher, video surveillance assets, communications and navigation equipment, bomb jammer, and other gear as may be required for special missions.

The armor withstands hits of 7.62mm heat-strengthened steel core bullets fired from the AKM assault rifle at 10 m, which is equivalent to STANAG 4569 Level 2.

Main characteristics
Curb weight, kg
6,900 +3%
Gross weight, kg
8,200 +3%
Capacity, kg
Wheel arrangement
Troop carrying capacity
Body type, number of doors
armored, welded from armor plates, single-compartment, three- or five-door with a single seat row and a troop compartment
Protection class
STANAG 4569 Level 2
Length, mm
Width, mm
Height, mm
Wheel base, mm
Front/rear track
Clearance, mm
Angle of approach/departure, deg
Max speed on the road, km/h
Endurance, km
Obstacle capacity:
horizontal gap, m
vertical obstruction, m
ford, m
gradient, deg.
inclination, deg.