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Armoured Repair and Recovery Vehicle (ARRV)

A Hand of Hope in Combat

The BREM-1M ARRV is an irreplaceable support vehicle for any Tank or Motorized unit on the battlefield and a multifunctional general support vehicle in peacetime.

The BREM-1M Armoured Repair and Recovery Vehicle is designed for recovery of damaged tanks and other armour materiel from the battlefield to maintenance workshops and shelters.

BREM-1M is based on the T-90S platform and its protection level corresponds to that of the tank, thus increasing survivability and safety of the crew. BREM-1M equipment includes: a winch, cargo platform, hoisting crane, bulldozer blade, towing gear, electric welding equipment, etc. For self-defence the ARRV is equipped with a 12.7mm anti-aircraft machine gun mount.

BREM-1M fulfills the following tasks: towing, lifting, disassembly, assembly, weighing, maintenance, transportation of spares and materials, technical surveillance, welding, digging and many other support tasks.

Main characteristics
44 t
Engine V-92S2
1000 hp
Pulling effort (mechanical winch)
35 t
Hoisting capacity (Crane)
20 t
12.7mm Anti-Aircraft HMG