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.308Win Kalashnikov Assault Rifle

Popular Weapon with Popular Ammo

AK-308 is a modern Kalashnikov Assault Rifle with battle-proven design solutions, chambered in one of the most popular and widespread caliber .308 Winchester (7.62x51mm).

The AK-308 provides shooters using NATO standard ammunition with first-hand experience of Kalashnikov assault rifles, widens the selection of cartridge types and ensures high accuracy at designated distances. It has a new folding and adjustable buttstock made of shock-resistant polymer, new grip and muzzle device.

This assault rifle is equipped with an organic sound suppressor and a bayonet-knife. The shooter can install various sighting and tactical devices due to Picatinny rails on the top cover and handguard. AK-308 is compatible with M203 under-barrel grenade launchers (UBGL) for higher firepower and greater versatility.

Russian-made military-grade firearms undergo the toughest trials possible which guarantee their utmost reliability in any environment and AK-308 is no exception.

Main characteristics
Empty weight
4.3 kg
Sighting range
800 m
Rate of fire
700 rds/min
Barrel length
415 mm
Length (min/max)
885/945 mm
Length (with folded stock)
695 mm
20 rds