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12.7mm Heavy Machine Gun

Mighty Lethal Robust

12.7mm KORD is a Heavy Machine Gun (HMG) by small arms classification but a sniper by nature.

KORD Heavy Machine Gun  is capable of engaging high priority targets and groups of targets at distances of up to 2000m with great accuracy. Wide range of ammunition types in 12.7mm caliber allows to suppress heavy and light armoured vehicles, low speed and low altitude aerial targets and enemy manpower protected by top classes of armour. The KORD HMG considerably augments firepower and combat capabilities of any unit. It can be installed on various mounts and vehicles thus widening the spectrum of tasks accomplished. Clever design solutions reduced recoil drastically and increased fire rate and accuracy. KORD is well known all over the world for its reliability as it has been battle tested in numerous conflicts and under harshest weather conditions.

Main characteristics
Rate of Fire
750 rds/min
Sighting range
2000 m