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5.56 mm Light Machine Gun (LMG)

Proper Fire Support

A successful attempt to merge Russian reliability and serviceability with 5.56x45 ammunition for the benefit of users all over the world.

The RPK-201 Light Machine Gun was designed on the basis of highly reliable gas-operated Kalashnikov system, which provides all the benefits of time and battle tested solutions for NATO 5.56x45mm ammunition. The LMG is light enough for the operator to use it from any position and requires no time to be combat ready.

RPK-201 can considerably augment firepower of any unit and longer barrel lifespan provides the unit with consistent fire rate. Mobility of the operator in the field is provided by the folding buttstock and reasonable weight. The LMG is equipped with a bipod for better stability in automatic fire mode and higher accuracy in single fire mode. RPK-201 is a very balanced Machine Gun capable of suppressing enemy manpower and assets under any weather conditions.

Main characteristics
Magazine capacity
45 rds
Sighting range
Empty weight
5.2 kg