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RS 101
5.56 mm enhanced penetration cartridge

The 5.56mm RS101 enhanced penetration cartridge is used against exposed personnel protected by body armor, single and group targets and other equipment at ranges up to 600 m.

The cartridge is used in the AK-101, AK-102 assault rifles, RPK-201 machine gun, M16A2 assault rifle and other 5.56mm NATO firearms under various climatic conditions at temperatures from - 50 to + 50 °C.

Main characteristics
Cartridge weight, g
Bullet weight, g
Bullet velocity V25 (when fired from S-5.56 ballistic barrel), m/s
Bullet dispersion R50 av at 200 meters, not more than, cm
Range at which at least 60% of bullets fired from AK-101 penetrate a 16mm thick St3 steel plate, m