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Shipborne multifunctional radar system

The Mineral-ME shipborne multifunctional radar system is designed to sea-situation surveillance to interest of missile weapon targeting of ships all types and control of Task Forces equipped similar systems. Systems` active and passive radars are surveyed in radio horizon coverage zones and over-the-horizon.

The Mineral-ME system comprises:

  • Mineral-ME1 active radar (ARdr);
  • Mineral-ME2 passive radar (PRdr);
  • Mineral-МЕЗ data exchange and orientation radar (DEORdr).

All radars are built around a single design base.

The Active Radar Channel is intended to perform the following tasks:

  • search, detection, tracking, recognition, classification and determining coordinates of surface targets;
  • receiving and processing radar data from airborne remote surveillance system;
  • target designation for own missile weapon, ships of Task Force and coastal missile system by DEORdr.

The Passive Radar Channel provides for:

  • over-the-horizon detection of the radars emission;
  • determining coordinates of the emitting radars by triangulation;
  • targets classification according to the type emitting radar;
  • target designation for missile weapon.

The DEORdr is designed for targeting data exchange and task forces mutual orientation.

The radars can be delivered separately depending on the purpose of a ship

Main characteristics
Operating frequency band
I, G, E/F, D
Coverage zones:
azimuth, deg. (ARdr, PRdr, DEORdr)
range, km (ARdr)
≤ 250
range, km (PRdr)
≤ 450
range, km (DEORdr)
≤ 30
Targets tracked:
≤ 30
in detection mode (PRdr)
≤ 50
in target designation mode (DEORdr)
≤ 10
Targets monitored
≤ 200
Interacting ships
≤ 9