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Universal fire control radar system for 25-305mm naval guns


The 5P-10E universal radar control system (RCS) is designed for fire control of naval artillery against air targets, including sea-skimming anti-ship missiles, sea and shore targets in all engagement envelopes of naval artillery.


  • reception of targeting data from the ship’s sensors, independent detection in a circular scan and tracking of up to 8 targets;
  • automatic acquisition in a sector scan and tracking of up to 4 air, surface and radar-observed shore targets;
  • automatic simultaneous control of several guns, including guns of two different calibers, firing at one or two targets;
  • feeding the current position and the required motion parameters of the tracked targets to a fire direction system for use by other kinds of shipborne weapons;
  • automatic closed-loop fire adjustment;
  • automatic miss distance measuring and sea target correction input;
  • meteorological and ballistic preparation, measurement of and allowance for meteorological and ballistic data;
  • display and recording of current symbolic and video information;
  • crew training against simulated targets with a possibility of firing at a simulator;
  • automated performance monitoring and troubleshooting.

The 5P-10E RCS can be used to equip new-build ships as well as replace overage fire control systems for naval artillery of all types previously delivered to the customer.

Lightweight versions of the RCS, 5P-10-02E and 5P-10-03E, have been developed. They offer the basic set of features and significantly reduced weight and dimension characteristics.

Main characteristics
Information channels
radar and electro-optical
Radar channel bandwidth, cm
RCS coverage:
а) circular scan mode:
azimuth, deg
elevation, deg
- 5 to + 40
range, km
< 30
б) tracking mode:
azimuth, deg
elevation, deg
- 5 to + 85
range, km
< 60
Max number of simultaneously tracked targets
Detection time (scan period), s
Time to make ready for use:
from “Off” condition, min
< 3
from boost mode, s
from “High Voltage Off” condition, s.
Continuous operation time, hours
Response time, s:
when firing at an air target
< 5
when firing at a sea target
< 10
Time to transfer fire to another target in a 6x3° tracking sector, s