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57-mm shipborne artillery gun mount

Universal. Small-sized. Modular.

Specially designed for boats and large ships

High accuracy of fire;
Substantial fire power;
High adaptability;
Fully automated combat employment.

Artillery gun mount is designed for surface ships and boats and manufactured as a shipborne combat module.

A 57-mm automatic single barrel, a fire control system with an EO sight are installed in the turret of the module. It can also be equipped with a 7,62-mm machine gun.

The combat module has light and heavy modifications. AU-220M has significantly smaller weight if compared to foreign counterparts of the same caliber.

Modular design and lack of necessity for additional fire control system to be installed on a mother ship ensure simple integration of AU-220M into ship’s (including those with a small displacement) armament systems.

Artillery gun mount can effectively engage aerial, sea-surface and coastal targets.

AU-220M can effectively engage aerial, sea-surface and coastal targets. The module can be easily adapted for use on ships and boats of different displacement.
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