Delivery of Russian radios will enable Peruvian Ministry of Defense to save its budget
11.10.2016 Press release

The delivery of the R-312ATs radios by Russian state intermediary JSC Rosoboronexport (part of the Rostec State Corporation) to meet the needs of the Army Communications Service will help the Ministry of Defense of Peru save more than US$ 12.5 million.

Over US$ 11.5 million of budget funds will be saved through the transfer of the radio equipment in the framework of the Industrial and Social Compensation Program – Offset Agreement which is part of a deal to purchase 24 Mi-171Sh helicopters. The Russian side is ready to allocate another about US$ 1 million for the construction of a helicopter training center if eight offset projects agreed with the Ministry of Defense of Peru in July 2015 are implemented.

If necessary, the Russian special exporter is prepared to hold a demonstration of the radios for the Peruvian specialists in Russia and prove that they conform to the high technology level and satisfy the VRAEM conditions.
In addition, taking into account the desires of the Peruvian side, Rosoboronexport is ready to adjust the already agreed equipment delivery lists in order to meet the interests of Comando Logistico (Logistics Command) and Servicio de Comunicacíones (Communications Service) of the Peruvian Army.

The R-312ATs multi role radios are equipped with GPS receivers and are fully compatible with those used in the Peruvian Armed Forces, including the British-made Selex SSR-400 radios. If necessary, the Peruvian side could use the Russian radios with other available foreign-made communications security modules. This ensures their effective integration into the Peruvian Armed Forces’ communications monitoring and control system, hereby maximizing efficiency and minimizing risk during special operations in the VRAEM zone.

The Russian-made R-312ATs radios have the key and undeniable advantage over similar foreign equipment: they are currently the only certified devices for establishing secure communications between Russian helicopters and ground units. This radio feature is decisive when conducting operations in the VRAEM zone.

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