Rosoboronexport Exports $24 bln. Worth Naval Equipment
26.06.2017 Press release

Rosoboronexport, a member of Rostec, will put on display the whole range of exported naval equipment at the International Maritime Defense Show IMDS-2017. Some of them will make their debut at the event. Others, well known on the arms market, will appear with far better characteristics.

“Rosoboronexport’s goal at IMDS-2017 is to lay the groundwork for new contracts. Naval equipment export has averaged 12 percent of the company’s portfolio over the past several years. This, by the way, is on par with the share of our competitors in the leading states exporting military equipment. Since 2000, we have sold 50-plus naval ships, a third of which are submarines. The naval equipment exported over the period is worth a total of $24 bln.,” noted Director General Alexander Mikheev of Rosoboronexport.

It is expected that Rosoboronexport's representatives will meet with more than 20 foreign delegations. The show will bring together all Russia’s major naval equipment manufacturers. Also, present at the event will be companies from Belgium, Germany, India, Italy, the Netherlands, Turkey, etc.

Rosoboronexport values the show as an essential marketing tool, providing foreign customers with the opportunity to discern key development trends in the Russian defense industry and engage with the company in detailed discussions of their needs, particularly in naval equipment and services. The special arms exporter will revise plans and forecasts of deliveries, specify new ways to promote Russian weapons on the world market and sum up the results.

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