Rosoboronexport showcasing new equipment and technologies at TVM-2012 Forum
26.06.2012 Press release

From 27 June to 1 July, the Rossiya Transportation & Exhibition Complex in Zhukovsky, near Moscow, will be hosting the 2nd International Forum "Engineering Technologies 2012". The Forum’s program encompasses the OboronExpo International Exhibition of Weapons and Military Equipment.

The organizers of the Forum are the RF Ministry of Industry and Trade, Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation and the Rostekhnologii State Corporation. The general sponsor is JSC Rosoboronexport, the sole Russian state intermediary authorized to export and import the full range of final defense and dual-purpose products, technologies and services.

The best enterprises of the domestic defense industrial complex will show thousands defense products offering significant export potential. JSC Rosoboronexport has placed its exposition on stand 4 in Hall C 3. Here, the information equipment is presented on a wide range of weapons and military in the form of mockups, posters, multimedia presentations, brochures and other promotional materials with regard to potential customers.

A unique feature of the exposition will be an interactive exhibition system incorporating advanced 3D modeling technologies. Visitors will be able to see more than 30 Russian weapons in a 3D format and feel themselves immersed in virtual reality of air combat, where the MiG-29M multi-role fighter, Mi-28NE attack helicopter, Ka-52 scout/attack helicopter, and Yak-130 training aircraft will demonstrate aerobatics and effects of different types of weapons.

During “land” scenario screenings, the audience is invited to see the combat capabilities of Russian land forces’ equipment like the T-90S tank, Msta-S self-propelled howitzer, BMP-3M IFV, BTR-80A APC, TOS-1A heavy flamethrower system and Smerch MRL system vividly with photorealistic believability.

The interactive system is the implementation of Rosoboronexport’s new philosophy for advertising and exhibition activities at international arms shows. A traditional 3D model range will be represented by not only land equipment, but also by the Amur-1650 diesel-electric submarine, Tigr corvette, missile and patrol boats, as well as the Yak-130 and Su-30MK2 aircraft, Mi -171Sh and Mi-26 helicopter.

“In order to more fully demonstrate the real capabilities of the Russian land military equipment, we will show them in action at an exhibition range specially equipped for this,” - said Head of Rosoboronexport delegation and Deputy Director General Igor Sevastyanov. – I promise you this will be a dramatic, dynamic and unforgettable show.”

Today, Rosoboronexport is ready to meet the most extensive and demanding needs of foreign customers. In addition, the Company seeks to further develop current lines and forms of cooperation with its traditional and would-be foreign partners, expand the geography of exports, and strengthen Russia’s mutually beneficial foreign economic relations.

By the beginning of this year, Rosoboronexport’s export deliveries of land forces’ equipment have exceeded 21 percent.

Among military equipment being promoted to foreign customers, armored vehicles are most popular. Priority is given to the T-90S missile-gun tank capable of destroying any modern tank at range up to 5,000 meters, even not allowing the enemy to approach an effective range of fire from its weapons. To defeat enemy low-speed air targets, lightly armored vehicles and manpower, a remote controlled 12.7mm machine gun is mounted on the tank turret. Low weight and size of the T-90S, high speed, maneuverability and excellent cross-country capacity contribute to its low observability on the battlefield. Its survivability is provided by a differentiated armoring and ERA, which, together with PGW countermeasures devices, reliably protects the vehicle. Fail-safe operation under harsh climatic conditions, maintainability, a growth potential and a competitive price make the T-90S very attractive to the armies of many countries. An upgraded T-90S model will be also shown at the exhibition. Russian designers have improved the basic performance characteristics of this vehicle - firepower, command control, mobility and protection.

The BMP-3M upgraded infantry fighting vehicle (IFV), capable of swimming across water obstacles with a stride, will definitely attract the attention of specialists. This is one of the best vehicles in its class that combines the capabilities of the IFV, tank killer, artillery and amphibious river crossing equipment. No other IFV can boast such performance. It is unrivaled in terms of firepower. In addition, the installation of an advanced sighting system with a thermal sight and an automatic target tracker significantly improves the effectiveness of its armaments consisting of a 100mm smoothbore gun-launcher, a 30mm autocannon and a 7.62mm machine gun mounted in a single stabilized weapons module, and two 7.62mm coaxial machine guns.

The BMPT combat fire support vehicle nicknamed the Terminator for its effectiveness and firepower is gaining increasing attention. It is intended to operate both as part of tank units and independently. The BMPT provides fire support to units both on the move and at halt by effectively defeating enemy manpower, tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and other hardened enemy targets, as well as helicopters and low-flying aircraft.

The field artillery will be traditionally represented by multiple rocket launcher (MRL) systems, upgraded self-propelled artillery guns, anti-tank missile systems, and reconnaissance and command & control equipment.

Participants and visitors to the exhibition will be able to get a comprehensive view of the Smerch MRL. As a powerful and highly effective weapon to suppress enemy forces and facilities, it is in demand in many regions of the world. Its firing range is up to 90 km. The Smerch is equipped with an automated laying and fire control system, which provides greater autonomy in action and automates the preparation of initial firing and laying data. Also on the Rosoboronexport stand, you can get information on various artillery rockets fitted to MRL systems and on guided weapon systems like he 152mm Krasnopol, 155mm Krasnopol-M2, 122mm Kitolov-2M, and 120mm KM-8 Gran guided artillery systems.

In the combat environment of the 21st century, self-propelled and towed artillery has not receded into the background. Here, it is represented by the 152mm Msta-S self-propelled howitzer with an automated laying and fire control system, 120mm Nona-SVK self-propelled artillery gun and other models.

Of Rosoboronexport’s export deliveries, over 11 percent is accounted for by air defense equipment. Last year, the value of contracts concluded with foreign customers to supply air defense weaponry increased by 28 percent.

Among the best military equipment having high export potential are surface-to-air missile (SAM) systems. They are designed to protect the vital military, administrative and economic installations from air attacks, including from precision guided weapons incorporating stealth technology, in the most difficult combat conditions.

The Buk-M2E multi-channel medium-range SAM system enjoys great interest in many countries around the world. It is capable of engaging not only strategic and tactical aircraft, helicopters and cruise missiles, but also tactical ballistic and air-launched missiles, including antiradar missiles, submunitions of precision guided weapons, as well as surface and ground targets in a ECM and counter-fire environment. Each launch vehicle can simultaneously attack up to 4 targets at ranges up to 45 km and at altitudes up to 25 km.

Specialists and visitors will be able to get acquainted with the Tor-M2E multi-channel short-range SAM system, which can destroy not only aerodynamic targets, but also PGW submunitions in flight. Its launch vehicle can conduct reconnaissance of air targets on the move and simultaneously engage up to four of them from short halts at range up to 15 km and altitudes up to 10 km.

Many states are showing interest in the Pantsyr-S1 short-range air defense missile/gun system. It is intended to protect civilian and military installations from all current and future air threats. Each vehicle is capable of conducting reconnaissance on the move and at halt, as well as firing missiles against up to 4 air targets at ranges up to 20 km and altitudes up to 15 km, both on the move and at short halts. Pantsyr-S1’s 30mm autocannons can destroy targets at range up to 4 km and altitudes up to 3 km.

Among the lineup of small arms and close combat weapons on display, military professionals will hardly ignore the known grenade launchers (RPG-7V1, RPG-27, RPG-29 hand-held anti-tank grenade launchers and automatic grenade launcher systems), machine guns (Pecheneg, PKM, RPK, etc), RPO PDM-A Shmel-M infantry rocket-assisted flamethrowers, Degtyarev SVD and SIDS sniper rifles, as well as various modifications of the Kalashnikov assault rifle, including the Series 100 rifles.

Russian arms have always been reliable, efficient, simple and easy to use and often repairable even in field conditions. This is facilitated by a high level of commonality that ensures interchangeability between many parts and units of Russian armored vehicles. A similar view is shared by most of Rosoboronexport’s foreign partners buying not very expensive, but effective, reliable and high-quality Russian military equipment.

Promoting military products to external markets, Rosoboronexport pays special attention to the fact that Russian armored vehicles and artillery systems should be integrated seamlessly into the existing organizational structure of customers’ army units. After all, army weapons are used today in an integrated manner. And this requires auxiliary forces and facilities - reconnaissance, communications, command & control, electronic warfare, maintenance and repair, camouflage, and many other components. Rosoboronexport focuses on these issues by offering its partners well-thought-out, mutually beneficial and balanced proposals accommodating all their wishes.

Another component of successful competition with the leading foreign arms manufacturers is the marketing and pricing policy. Rosoboronexport offers not only the large and small batches of military materiel, but also after-sales service, repair, training of crews and technicians, licensed production, the organization of the service centers, and even joint development of defense products, including for third countries. Rosoboronexport also uses a flexible payment system that takes into account the financial particulars of the customer’s country.

"We have planned to hold intensive negotiations at TVM-2012 with our long-standing partners in military-technical cooperation and potential customers of Russian arms and military equipment, - said head of the Rosoboronexport delegation Igor Sevastyanov. - We believe that the current review of land military equipment will be a new milestone in mutually beneficial cooperation between Russia and foreign states, strengthen the ties with our foreign customers, and expand the geography of military-technical cooperation. We invite all the participants and guests of the Forum to visit the Rosoboronexport’s exposition on stand 4 in Hall C 3."