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Rosoboronexport: arms export contracts worth over 3 billion euros were signed at exhibitions held in Russia this summer

... euros. Rosoboronexport has leveraged the full potential of Russian summer defense exhibitions, thereby replenishing its order portfolio and increasing the workload of the domestic defense enterprises: the export plan now includes Su-30-type aircraft, Mi-35M/P , Mi-171Sh and Mi-17V-5 helicopters, aircraft weapons, Pantsir-S1/S1M self-propelled anti-aircraft gun/missile (SPAAGM) system, Verba MANPADS, Protivnik-GE radar, Krasukha electronic warfare system, Repellent-Patrol mobile anti-drone EW system,...

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Rosoboronexport signs contracts worth over €1 billion at MAKS 2021

... 13 export contracts worth over €1 billion for the supply of Russian military products on the sidelines of the air show,” said Alexander Mikheev, Director General of Rosoboronexport. “Following the results of MAKS-2021, the Su-30SME fighters, Mi-35M and Mi-17V-5 helicopters, the Protivnik-GE radar, Verba MANPADS , as well as advanced air weapons, a number of armored and automotive vehicles have been added to the company's order book and Russian defense manufacturers’ production plans.” ...

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Rosoboronexport: Air Force and Air Defense products account for 80% of contracts signed in 2021

... potential leaders of the world military aircraft market will be on static display: the fifth-generation Su-57E fighter, MiG-35, MiG-29 and Su-35 fighters, IL-78MK-90A tanker aircraft and IL-76MD-90A military transport aircraft, Ka-52K, Mi-28NE, Mi-35P, Mi-35M, Ka-226T helicopters and others. On the outdoor display area, Rosoboronexport partners will also view air defense and EW assets promoted by the company abroad. Among them are the latest SAM system Tor-E2 and scale models of the S-400 Triumf and ...

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Rosoboronexport increases the level of military-technical cooperation with Belarus

... production of military equipment, expand the areas of interaction through industrial and technological cooperation," said Alexander Mikheev, Director General of Rosoboronexport. At its stand (A1-1), Rosoboronexport will showcase scaled models of the Mi-35M transport/attack helicopter, the BTR-82A armored personnel carrier and the Tor-M2KM SAM system with combat and support modules. In addition, Rosoboronexport’s exhibit will also feature mockups of the famous SVLK-14S Sumrak (Twilight) and DVL-10V3 ...

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... (guided and unguided armament) in various employment modifications, including combat, transport, assault and medevac configurations. It is well-balanced in terms of combat and transport capabilities for employment in the interests of army aviation. The Mi-35M is designed for destruction of tanks and other armoured and unarmoured vehicles, enemy’s manpower in the battlefield and in tactical depth, and for fulfillment of other tasks independently or in cooperation with ground forces. Mi-35M demonstrates ...

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At HeliRussia 2018, Rosoboronexport to showcase military helicopters for all segments of the market

... HeliRussia-2018. Rosoboronexport expects that more than 60 foreign delegations invited by the Company to the exhibition will show considerable interest in them. A high export potential of Russian attack and transport/attack helicopters Ka-52, Mi-28NE, Mi-35M in the market is due to their high combat, performance and operating characteristics, which have been demonstrated during antiterrorist operations conducted by the Russian Armed Forces. Demand for Russia’s Mi-17V-5, Mi-171Sh military transport ...

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Rosoboronexport Delivers 2 Mi-35M Helos to Mali

Rosoboronexport has completed delivery of the Mi-35M transport/attack helicopters and associated equipment to the Republic of Mali JSC Rosoboronexport (part of the Rostec State Corporation) has completed delivery of the Mi-35M transport/attack helicopters and associated equipment to the Republic ...

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Rosoboronexport to take advantage of augmented reality for military equipment demo in South Africa

... entire range of military equipment. Rosobonoronexport’s specialists expect enormous attention of foreign delegations attending the event to the Yak-130 combat trainer aircraft, Mi-28NE attack helicopter, IL-76MD-90A military transport aircraft, and Mi-35M versatile helicopter gunship with troop carrying capabilities. The Project 636 big diesel-electric submarine and BTR-82A APC will be of equal interest. Rosoboronexport’s specialists are to give presentations in South Africa on ammunition recycling ...

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Rosoboronexport to Bring Over 270 Pieces of Equipment to Army-2016

... pavilion next to the Russian MoD sites. There will be equipment for all services with several displays complete with interactive augmented reality technologies. This will particularly be used to demonstrate the Su-35 super maneuverable multirole fighter, Mi-35M versatile helicopter gunship with troop carrying capabilities, and Pantsir-S1 AA gun-missile system. Though the actual spotlight will be on counter-terrorism and efforts will be taken to promote to foreign markets Rosoboronexport’s new product,...

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Russian weapons still have high export potential in the Malaysian market

... patrol boats to shore-based missile systems), armored vehicles, close assault weapons, air defense systems, a variety of arms and training simulators. Foreign delegations are expected to take keen interest in the Mi-171Sh military transport helicopter, Mi-35M, Mi-28NE and Ka-52 attack helicopters, UAV systems, Pantsir-S1 air defense missile/gun system as well as the Metis-M1 ATGM system. During the exhibition Rosoboronexport will hold a presentation for Malaysian partners on the Mi-171Sh helicopter,...

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Russia’s Aerial and AD Systems Gaining Popularity in the Middle East

...,” Mikhail Zavaliy , Rosoboronexport’s Director General Advisor and the head of the Russian Delegation, said. The Su-35 and MiG-29M/M2 multi-role fighters, Yak-130 combat-trainer, IL-76MD-90A military transport aircraft, Ka-52 attack helicopter, Mi-35M transport-combat helicopter, Mi-17 military transport helicopters, and various AD systems, particularly the Pantsir-S1 missile and gun complex, stand good chances of getting exported to the region. Rosoboronexport expects the event to offer opportunities ...

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Rosoboronexport will present land forces’ equipment and air defenses in Paris

... version of the Smerch multiple rocket launcher system, upgraded 155mm MSTA-S self-propelled howitzer, Kornet-EM anti-tank missile system, Khrizantema-S self-propelled anti-tank system, Pantsir-S1, Tor-M2E and Buk-M2E SAM systems, Ka-52, Mi-28NE, and Mi-35M attack helicopters, and Mi-17-type military transport helicopters. Talks with leading world manufacturers of weapons and military equipment have been scheduled to be held during the exhibition, including meetings with French partners, with whom ...

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Rosoboronexport to tighten links with Kazakhstan

... export bestsellers of Rosoboronexport. Besides the MiG-35 multirole fighter will also be available at the display site. The Kazakh specialists are also interested in the Su-35 multirole fighter and the Yak-130 operational trainer. The Ka-52, Mi-28NE and Mi-35M attack helicopters have great potential in the Kazakh market. Among the Russian AD systems the Panzir-S1 missile and gun system, AD medium-range missiles and CEW systems are expected to attract much attention. Taking into account the plans of Russia ...

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Rosoboronexport steps up helicopter exports

... is part of the Rostec State Corporation, will present foreign partners the basic helicopter models offered on the world arms market. First of all, these are Mi-17-TYPE military transport helicopters, the latest Mi-28NE and Ka-52 attack helicopters, Mi-35M transport and combat helicopter, Ka-226T light multipurpose helicopter and the Mi-26T2 heavy-lift transport helicopter. The exports of Russian helicopters have been growing rapidly in recent years. In 2012, Rosoboronexport’s deliveries in this ...

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Rosoboronexport to snow 200+ defence items in Istanbul

... from 7th to 10th May 2013 in Istanbul, Turkey. The Rosoboronexport stand will promote Russian rotary-wing systems such as the Ka-52A reconnaissance-and-attack helicopter, Mi-171Sh multi-purpose military transport helicopter, Mi-28NE attack helicopter, Mi-35M combat transport helicopter, Ansat and Ka-226 light utility helicopters as well as other aircraft that are in great demand on the world market. Russia's exposition will also advertise the Ka-32A11BC fire-fighting helicopter which is considered ...

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Rosoboronexport to snow unique military equipment in Malaysia

... display system and other demo facilities will be used to run for exhibitors and guests to the exhibition presentations on variety of advanced defence products such as the Su-30MK fighters, Yak-130 combat trainer aircraft, Mi-28NE combat helicopter, Mi-35M combat transport helicopter, Ka-52 combat reconnaissance-and-attack helicopter, Mi-26T heavy-lift helicopter, Gepard-3.9 frigate (based on Project 11661 patrol ship), Project 14310 Mirazh and Project 12200 Sobol patrol boats, as well as other modern ...

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Rosoboronexport at AERO INDIA 2013: a strong positive impetus to the relations in the military-technical sphere

... cooperation between Russia and India and other countries in the Asia-Pacific region. Here, Rosoboronexport will present the Yak-130 combat trainer, Il-78MK-90 tanker, the newest Il-76MD-90A military transport aircraft, Be-200 multipurpose amphibian, Mi-35M, Mi-26T2, Ka-31 and Ka-226T helicopters, as well as many other new samples of the Russian aircraft industry, including training aids and airborne weapons. Russian planes and helicopters have proven to be worthy in the Asia-Pacific region. The fact ...

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... amphibian. The latter has distinguished itself as a highly efficient high-capacity fire-fighter aircraft many a time. Rotary-wing aircraft are represented by the Ka-52 reconnaissance-and-attack helicopter, Ka-226T lightweight multi-purpose helicopter, Mi-35M combat transport helicopter (the world's only helicopter capable of performing assault, transport and sanitary missions), Mi-171Sh military transport helicopter, and Mi-26T world's heaviest-lift cargo helicopter. In special demand are air defence ...

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Rosoboronexport on the Fifth International Helicopter Industry Exhibition (HeliRussia-2012)

.... The helicopter market has been showing steady growth in recent years. There is a growing demand for attack and military transport helicopters. That is why Rosoboronexport is promoting a wide lineup of the Mi-17-type military transport helicopters, Mi-35M and Mi-35P transport / attack helicopters, Mi-28N and Ka-52 attack helicopters, Mi-26T2 heavy-lift transport helicopters, Ka-226T light multipurpose helicopters and other machines. These models are not only on par with their foreign counterparts,...

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