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Attack helicopter

Mission and primary tasks

The Mi-28NE day/night attack helicopter is designed to search and destroy enemy armored and unarmored vehicles, manpower and low-speed air targets as well as provide cover and fire support for the troops at any time of day.

Airborne equipment and armament

The helicopter is equipped with an integrated avionics suite providing round-the-clock employment of the helicopter and weapons.

Its armament mix includes up to 16 Ataka-type guided anti-tank missiles, up to 4 Igla air-to-air guided missiles, up to 80 S-8 80mm unguided rockets and an integral flexible mount with 30mm 2A42 gun (with 250 rounds).

The helicopter is fitted with a self-defense system against heat seeker missiles, heavily-armored cockpit, vital systems and components, and features enhanced survivability.

Main advantages

  • precision engagement capability against small ground and low-speed air targets;
  • operability in any geographical and climatic conditions, day and night, and in adverse weather conditions;
  • operability in high-altitude and hot conditions;
  • capability of basing on ground sites located at altitudes of up to 4,000 m;
  • round-the-clock operational capability through the use of a day/night optical sighting system and an on-board radar;
  • protection against heat and radar seeker missiles;
  • heavy armor protection;
  • high target approach accuracy through installation of an inertial-satellite navigation system;
  • high safety and single-engine flight and landing capability;
  • capability to operate independently in isolation from the main base airfield.
Principales características
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Max speed, km/h
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Service ceiling, m
Hovering ceiling (out of ground effect), m
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