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Transport/attack helicopter

Mission and primary tasks

The Mi-35M transport/attack helicopter is designed to provide fire support to ground forces (destroy enemy tanks, other armored and soft-skinned vehicles, manpower), conduct armed air escort of military columns on the march, airlift paratroopers and evacuate the wounded, carry cargo both inside the cabin and externally.

The Mi-35M can be used in attack, troop-carrying, transport and ambulance (medevac) versions.

The attack version is designed to engage enemy tanks, other armored and soft-skinned vehicles and manpower on the battlefield and in tactical depth, as well as perform other combat missions, both independently and in conjunction with other ground forces.

The troop-carrying version is capable of airlifting eight paratroopers with personal weapons.

The transport version can deliver ammunition or other cargo weighing up to 1,500 kg inside the cargo cabin or 2,400 kg on an external sling.

The medevac version enables the transportation of up to 4 wounded or sick (two sitting cases and two stretcher cases), accompanied by a paramedic.

Airborne equipment and armament

The helicopter is equipped with a powerful onboard weapon system, comprising:

  • a flexible mount with the 23mm GSh-23L (with 450 rounds);
  • up to 80 S-8 80mm unguided rockets;
  • up to 8 Ataka or Shturm anti-tank guided missiles;
  • suspended pods comprising 23mm cannons and 250 rounds each;
  • 1-2 12.7mm Kord machine guns installed in the cargo cabin.

To effectively use these weapons in various combat situations, the Mi-35M carries modern avionics equipment that provides round-the-clock employment of the helicopter and weapons.

The helicopter is fitted with a self-defense system against heat seeker missiles, heavily-armored cockpit, vital systems and components, and features enhanced survivability.

Main advantages

  • capability to operate in any geographical and climatic conditions (including in high-altitude, hot and humid conditions), day and night, and in adverse weather conditions;
  • capability to effectively perform combat, assault/transport and special missions;
  • long range and flight endurance ensuring target reach in tactical depth;
  • biggest combat load for this class of helicopters;
  • heavy armor protection;
  • high target approach accuracy through the use of a satellite navigation system;
  • high safety and single-engine flight and landing capability;
  • capability to operate independently in isolation from the main base airfield;
  • unequipped site capability.
Principales características
Max takeoff weight, kg
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Max speed, km/h
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mission-capable version
Service ceiling, m
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Paratroopers carried in cargo cabin
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