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Self-propelled anti-tank missile system

The Khrizantema-S self-propelled anti-tank missile system is able to effectively engage all current and future tanks fitted with explosive reactive armor, any type of defensive structures, manpower, low-tonnage ships and boats, helicopters and low-speed, low-flying aircraft in any weather, day or night and in any combat situation at ranges up to 6,000 m.

The combat vehicle has two missile guidance channels: automatic radar guidance and semi-automatic laser beam riding guidance. To engage targets in both guidance channels, a common missile is used with two types of warhead: a tandem HEAT warhead (with up to 1,200 mm armor penetration behind ERA) and a powerful HE warhead. 15 missiles are contained in an automated stowage.

The launcher is loaded and reloaded automatically. Missiles are selected by the type of warhead in automated mode. The launcher mounts two missile pods. Time into action is a mere 20 seconds.

The combat vehicle can simultaneously fire at two targets: one air target and one ground target or two ground targets.

The missile flies at a supersonic speed which provides a short time to the target – a mere 15 seconds to maximum range. This ensures a high rate of fire of about 4 launches per minute.

The launcher is mounted on the combat vehicle developed around BMP-3 units and assemblies. This provided high mobility, excellent maneuverability, off-road performance, and the ability to cross water obstacles in stride, without preparation.

The Khrizantema-S missile system comprises three types of combat vehicles (combat vehicle itself, platoon commander vehicle, battery commander vehicle), missiles, maintenance facilities and training aids.

A platoon of the Khrizantema-S self-propelled anti-tank systems consisting of 3 combat vehicles can repel an attack of 15 enemy tanks, destroying at least 60% of the attacking tanks (i.e., around 9-10 tanks).

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