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Upgraded tank with a fire control system incorporating a foreign-made thermal sight

The upgraded T-72 tank with a fire control system incorporating a thermal sight attracts attention by its low silhouette, relatively light weight, lethal armament and high reliability at minimum operating costs, which has put it on a par with the best tanks in other countries, immediately and for years to come. The upgraded T-72 has retained all the virtues of the baseline tank and incorporated new advances in tank-building, which still maintain an edge over its counterparts.

The upgraded T-72 tank is superior to the baseline T-72 in firepower, protection and mobility and compares favorably to its predecessors in the installation of upgraded and all-new components.

The fully-stabilized auto-loaded 2A46M gun of increased accuracy increases the effective range of fire.

A modern fire control system (FCS) allows the commander and gunner to engage targets with a high probability at the halt and on the move, day and night, under low visibility conditions. Simultaneous modernization of the FCS and the installation of the 2A46M gun have greatly improved the target detection range and accuracy performance of T-72’s armament system.

A high-precision missile system with a laser beam-riding missile provides destruction of all types of ground and low-flying air targets at ranges up to 5,000 m.

With its armor plating, combined with the tank’s high camouflage properties, integral explosive reactive armor, and automated smoke-screen laying system, the tank is capable of accomplishing missions under strong enemy fire. A collective protection system makes efficient use of the tank in NBC environment.

A 1,000 hp engine, increased road wheel dynamic travels, higher-performance hydraulic shock absorbers, torsion bars with a higher level of operating stresses contribute to a higher average speed of the tank.

Principales características
Combat weight, t
Power-to-weight ratio, hp/t
125mm 2A46M fully-stabilized smoothbore gun with a 7.62mm coaxial machine gun 12.7mm AA machine gun mount providing aimed fire against air and ground targets
Guided missile system
semi-automatic laser beam-riding, jam-proof
Range of fire, m
V-type, 1,000 hp, multi-fuel
Maximum road speed, km/h
Cruising range (road), km
Obstacle crossing:
trench, m
vertical step, m
fording depth, m
etiquetas: Т-72M1, Tanks,
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