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The Project 22160E patrol ship is intended to guard the territorial waters, patrol the 200 mile Exclusive Economic Zone in the open and inland seas; counter smuggling and piracy activities; search for and assist victims of maritime disasters, provide environmental monitoring.

In war time, it can escort ships and vessels during sea passage, guard naval bases and water areas in order to alert of an attack of various enemy forces.


The Project 22160E patrol ship has optimal hull lines, which in combination with a combined CODAG-type diesel-gas-turbine plant, result in a simple and economical to operate ship, which has a high full speed (up to 30 knots) and a cruising range on patrol of 6,000 n. m. (with maximum reserve fuel).

The sea-going capacities of the vessel ensure:

  • safe navigation, the capability to maintain long-term course at reduced speeds and controllability, sufficient to maneuver with respect to the wind and waves at all sea and ocean theaters in any sea state and wind;
  • use of weapons and equipment without restrictions in the sea point up to 5 inclusive;
  • capability to maintain a speed corresponding to the full torque power of the main mechanisms at all wave-to-course angles for a long time, as well as to freely maneuver at this speed in sea point up to 6 inclusive.

The ship stays afloat with its any two adjacent main watertight compartments flooded.


  • 57mm A-220 automatic gun mount;
  • MR-123-02/3 artillery fire control system or 5P-10-03E radar control system;
  • 3M-47 Gibka turret launcher for Igla-type MANPADS consisting of:
    • control module;
    • shipborne turret launcher.
  • two DP-65 compact remotely-controlled anti-saboteur grenade launcher systems;
  • two 14.5mm MTPU naval pedestal machine gun mounts;
  • eight 9K38 Igla-type MANPADS.

On the Customer's request can be installed additional weapons: Shtil-1 SAM system, Club-N integrated missile system or Uran-E shipborne missile system.

Principales características
Displacement, t:
about 1800
about 1300
Basic dimensions (length x beam x draft), m
Speed, knots:
full speed
25- 30
patrol speed
about 16
Patrol cruising range (with full fuel capacity), n. m.
up to 6000
Main propulsion plant
1 x 5,400 kW MTU 20V4000 medium-speed diesel engine driving two CPP via a transfer gearbox and two M70 gas turbine engines, each with capacity of approx.10,000 kW, driving two CPPs via reducing gears or 2 x M75 gas turbine engines, each with capacity of a
Electrical power plant
4 x MAN D2866 diesel generators with the nominal continuous rating of approx. 300 kW each; 1 x emergency harbor generator with the nominal continuous rating of 100 kW
Endurance, days
up to 80