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Ocean minesweeper


The Project 266ME ocean minesweeper is designed to provide anti-mine protection of ships and vessels in the open sea.

Armament & Equipment

Missiles and artillery 

  • two 30mm AK-306 gun mounts with special-purpose fire control system;
  • 20 Igla MANPADS.

Electronic equipment

  • 67R IFF system;
  • Gorizont-25 integrated navigation system;
  • Ogon-M infrared collective navigation system.

Navigation equipment

  • GKU-2 gyrocourse indicator;
  • KM-145-2 magnetic compass;
  • Rumb or RN (ARP-85) radio direction finder;
  • SN-3101 shipborne satellite navigation equipment.

Communications equipment

  • Buran-6E or Rubin-E automated communications systems;
  • P-405 loud speaker system or P-407 and P-408.

Anti-mine and anti-submarine equipment

  • GKT-2 contact sweep or GKT-1;
  • TEM-3 influence sweep;
  • AT-2 acoustic sweep or AT-6;
  • RBU-1200 ASW mortar;
  • integrated anti-mine system for detection and destruction of sea mines ahead the ship's course, including MG-89/MG-89ME or Livadia-E sonar, Mayevka-E self-propelled TV-controlled underwater vehicle, Diez automated control system, and MG-35E or MG-35EM underwater communications sonar.
Principales características
Displacement, full load, t
about 800
Max length, m
Max beam, m
Draft, midship, m
Max speed, knots
not less than 16
Operational range, at 12 knots, n.m.
Main propulsion plant
two M503B-3E diesel engines
Electric power system
three DGR-200/1500 diesel generators
Total electric power supply, kW
Safe navigability, sea point
up to 9*
Propellers, number & type
two variable-pitch propellers
Endurance, days
Hull material
low-magnetic steel
* weapons can be employed up to Sea State 4 inclusive