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Night Vision Goggles

Detect even small elements 

Reliable device designated for night observation, night driving, orientation, and special operations in low-light conditions.

The Neftyanik true binocular night vision goggles allows 3D-visualization of the surrounding terrain (stereoscopic vision).

Can be worn on a head or helmet with NVG Shroud mounting plate.

Neftyanik incorporates two 3+ generation IIT, which utilize the principle of multiple amplification of incident weak light in visible and near-infrared ranges.

The device is powered with two AA batteries. The battery compartment accepts four batteries. The device operational humidity is up to 98%.
Main characteristics
Optical magnification
Angular field of view, degrees
Eyepiece dioptre adjustment
from -4 to +3
Battery lifetime at 23 °C, hours
Full weight, kg
Operational temperature, °C
from -25 to +45