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Undercover Bulletproof Vest

Reliable protection, great ergonomics 

NIJ IIIA level protection. Withstands different types of ammunition at a distance starting from 5 m.


Front section.
Rear section.
Removable sides.
1 front and 1 rear armor plates.
Shoulder straps and elastic belt (adjustment).

Bulletproof vest is presented in three conventional sizes, the color is optional. The vest provides protection from .357SIG (FMJ FN 8.1 g) and .44 Magnum (SJHP 15.6 g) cartridges.
Main characteristics
Protective screen area, dm2
34 - 43.5
Vest weight w/o armor plate, kg
2.25 - 2.85
Armor plate protection area, dm2
Vest weight with armor plate, kg
5.05 - 5.65