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Stealth Bulletproof Vest

Unbeaten level of comfort 

The ergonomic set, which has no analogues in the world, is distinguished with the ideal ratio of weight, protection area and bullet resistance.

Siluet concealed carry set is designed for employees of special services, security guards and VIPs.

Thanks to modern ultra-soft, ultra-thin materials, the tactical set provides the highest level of comfort in operation and stealth. According to a new manufacturing technology, high molecular aramid fibers are used to make armored layers, which allows you to minimize the thickness of the product.

The protection surface of the set is up to 83 dm2 (reinforced plate = at least 7.5 dm2). The minimum weight of the set is 2.2 kg (reinforced plate = 0.4 kg).
Main characteristics
9 mm bullet with steel core
335…350 m/s, 5±0.1 m
9 mm FMJ RN bullet with lead core
415…430 m/s, 5±0.1 m
Fragments (6.3 mm steel ball)
V50% ≥ 550 m/s
7.62 mm bullet with steel core*
435…445 m/s, 5±0.1 m
5.45 mm bullet with steel core*
325…335 m/s, 5±0.1 m
*when applied with the reinforced armor plate