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Stealth Bulletproof Vest

Maximum level of stealth 

The vest is made in the form of a T-shirt, does not impede the natural ventilation of the body, does not have unmasking signs.

Thanks to the use of the most advanced ballistic materials, the product is distinguished with an ideal ratio of bullet resistance, weight and protection surface.

Main characteristics
9 mm bullet with steel core
335…350 m/s, 5±0.1 m
9 mm FMJ RN bullet with lead core
415…430 m/s, 5±0.1 m
Fragments (6.3 mm steel ball)
V50% ≥ 550 m/s
7.62 mm bullet with steel core*
325…445 m/s, 5±0.1 m
5.45 mm bullet with steel core*
325…335 m/s, 5±0.1 m
9 mm bullet with lead core (9х21)*
390…405 m/s, 5±0.1 m
*when applied with the reinforced armor plate