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12.7 mm large-caliber sniper rifle

Silent. Compact. Amazingly comfortable. 

Minimal unmasking signs of the rifle are due to use of powerful ammunition with a subsonic speed and to the original design of the silencer.

The 12.7 mm large-caliber sniper rifle VKS is designed for the concealed engagement of the personal protected by bulletproof vests or any various barriers (door, glassing, trucks, etc.), and also vehicles at the distance up to 600 m.

The use of special cartridge with high bullet energy provides considerable superiority in effective range of fire, penetration and casualty effect in comparison to other Russian and foreign silent weapons.

VKS compactness is achieved by means of bullpup layout. The design of the rifle provides for the adjustment of its ergonomic parameters.

The rifle is reloaded manually. Cartridges are fed from box magazine with the capacity of 5 cartridges.

The rifle is equipped with an aperture iron sight and a universal bar for mounting sights. The bipod, butt plate and buttpad are height-adjustable.
Main characteristics
Caliber, mm
Cartridge type
12.7x55 mm STs-130 enhanced accuracy
Effective range of fire, m
up to 600
Rifle length w/o silencer, mm
Rifle length with silencer, mm
Weight with magazine, silencer, w/o optical sight and cartridges, kg
Magazine capacity, rds