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Express ID Check System

Highest search reliability and selectivity 

Rapidly establishes identity in real time. The use of the system doesn’t require any special knowledge in the science of fingerprints.

tenprints capture with PAPILLON fingerprint scanner or alternatively with DPP-6p (See more) or DPP-7 (See more) handheld devices with a single finger scanner;
data transmission to PAPILLON AFIS (See more);
automatic generation and transmission of results.

Plain impressions of two or more fingers are digitized and transferred through IP communications for matching. With the search completed, demographic data and relevant face pictures from any and all matching fingerprints found in the AFIS database as mates are automatically forwarded to the requester and displayed on the screen of the submitting station. Otherwise, the ‘no- matching fingerprints found’ message appears on the screen.

PAPILLON Filter is optimized for running Linux or Windows OS. Technically, the express ID checking involves reliable active communication with an AFIS (TCP/IP).
Main characteristics