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Automated Fingerprint and Palmprint Identification System (AFIS)

Key tool in crime prevention 

A system with high search characteristics, capable of providing maximum automation of all technological processes for inputing, processing, comparing, storing and transmitting fingerprint information.

PAPILLON AFIS effectively manages arrays of electronic fingerprints of citizens who have passed fingerprint registration, as well as arrays of fingerprints and palms from places of unsolved crimes (forensic AFIS). The multibiometric potential of the system is represented by the ability to store additional personal information in a fingerprint record - two-dimensional frontal images of the appearance, images of the irises of the eyes, as well as three-dimensional images of the face, handwriting samples, DNA descriptions and / or other biometric features.

Flexible and responsive modular architecture of the PAPILLON AFIS makes it possible to create secure, reliable and cost efficient identification systems from single machine workstation to nation-wide geographically distributed networked solutions.

PAPILLON AFIS enables solution for a wide range of vital tasks:

Personal identification by fingerprints and palmprints, including real-time in-field checks of identity;
Identification of the unknown dead;
Ascertainment of implication in past crimes;
Consolidation of crimes committed by one and the same person.

PAPILLON AFIS technology provides maximum automation of operations relating to tenprint and latent print data acquisition and submission to AFIS databases. The information stored includes tenprints records, palm prints, facial and SMT images, comprehensive demographic and other descriptive details. Furthermore, image processing and record generation is completely automatic.
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