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Professional Non-linear Detector

Latest generation detector with perfect ergonomics 

Unbeaten power potential – 173dB, extended tuning facilities, outstanding noise immunity, in particular to whatever cellular communication signals – all that ensure NR-900EMS high efficiency in any operating conditions.

easy to use;
up-to-date ergonomic design;
high quality reliable units and components.

NR-900EMS searches for eavesdropping devices and similar electronic appliances in premises (radio microphones, microphone amplifiers, voice recorders, etc.); detects electronic units in any operational mode: active, stand-by or switched off; screens building structures and furniture.

Main characteristics
Output power (pulse/average), W
at least 180 / 0.2
Waveform envelope derivation mode (20к), W
at least 30
Reduction of screening signal power, dB
two levels, -3
Receiver sensitivity in 2nd and 3rd harmonic bands, dB/W
max -138
Reduction of incoming signals
five levels of 10 dB
Antenna, polarization
beam, circular