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Multi-Purpose Shield

Neutralizes a legion of violators 

A firing module using 3 types of cartridges may be easily inserted to any shield.

A new on the market – the Legion platform represents a module mounted on shields which boasts the capability to fire non-lethal knock-down, flashbang, and irritating ammunition 18.5х45 in caliber.

The cluster launcher for 12 projectiles can accommodate all three ammunition groups. To select the required type of ammunition, one will need to press a button.

A law enforcer holds the shield and makes fire with one hand only.

Main characteristics
Weight of the shield complete with the loaded launcher, kg
Weight of the loaded launcher, kg
Magazine capacity, rounds
Caliber, mm
18.5 х 45
Launcher dimensions, mm
76 х 232 х 72
Force required to press the launching button, kgf
Length of target designator wave, nm
Target designator power at a range of 1 m, mW