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Electric Shock Shield  

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Lightweight counteracting shield with optional protection against flammable liquids.

Skala electric shock shield is designed to deliver non-lethal impact on a perpetrator with a series of high-voltage electric pulses when he comes into direct contact with the shield deployed in combination with an electric shock device in open spaces and in rooms.

It comes in two configurations, equipped with either integrated or removable electric shockers.

The shield can be coated with a special innovative compound preventing proliferation of fire and fighting it, when hit with a petrol bomb.

Main characteristics
Dimensions, mm
1020±50 (H), 573±50 (L), 116±20 (W)
Voltage, kV
70.0 – 90.0
Average action power at 1kOhm charge, W
7.0 – 10.0
Maximum power reduction when acting through clothes, %
Weight, kg
3.8±0.5 (w/o shocker), 4.1±0.5