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Mobile optoelectronic station

The Veresk mobile optoelectronic station is designed to measure trajectories of target aircraft helicopters, missiles and projectiles, to process the results of these measurements and send them together with video images to users in real time, as well as to automatically track the air objects whose trajectories are being measured.

The Veresk mobile optoelectronic station is one of the measuring tools used at firing ranges. Its main uses include testing of new weapons and evaluation of the results of live firing exercises held by the Armed Forces.

The Veresk station comprises:

  • optoelectronic theodolit made up of a rotary platform, a TV/thermal imaging unit and a laser rangefinder;
  • control and information processing equipment;
  • truck-chassis mounted platform carrying the optoelectronic theodolit; a van housing the control and information processing equipment mounted on the same truck chassis;
  • mobile diesel-driven electric generating set;
  • remote optical sight.
Main characteristics
Operating range, mcm:
TV unit
0,6 – 0,9
thermal imaging unit
3,0 - 5,0 ± 0,1
laser rangefinder
Angle of vision, deg:
TV unit
1° 33´ - 7° 44´
thermal imaging unit
от 1° - 4,5°
Emplacement time from march, h
not more than 4
Supply voltage, V
220/380 (50 Hz)
Power requirements, kW
Weight (w/o truck), max, kg
Operating conditions, °С
-25 до +50