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"Polyana-D4M1" (9S52M1)
C4ISR of air defense missile brigade (combined Air Defense Forces)

Qualitative management of air defence systems 

Ideal for equipment of command posts of S-300 and "Buk" air defense missile brigades as well as combined Air Defense Forces.

The "Polyana-D4M1" automated control system provides for:

collecting and processing radar information;notifying about the air situation;
controlling duty forces;
ensuring flight safety of aviation;
receiving, collecting, processing ground-based data;
developing recommendations for managing subordinate units and maintaining interaction with the help of automated solution of aims of distribution;
coordination of efforts;
coordination of military operations;
distribution of efforts in areas of interaction while repelling enemy’s air strikes;
automated registration and documentation of received and transmitted information.

9S52M1 article, C4ISR of air defense missile brigade (combined Air Defense Forces) is designed for automated control of S-300 and "Buk" air defense missile systems as well as combined S-300, "Buk", "Tor", and "Tunguska" air defense systems via respective command posts.

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Main characteristics
Number of simultaneously networked units - up to 14, including:
higher command post
interacting command post
data sources
controlled units
up to 6