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"Antey-2500" (S-300VM)
Air defense missile system

Your protection strategy

High tactical and technical specifications allow to use it for air defence of the most important administrative, industrial and military facilities, troop groupings, coastal infrastructure and naval forces at stationing site.

The "Antey-2500" ADMS is capable of engaging targets on significant ranges and altitudes, the system is universal for destroying all types of aerodynamic targets and ballistic missiles with a launch range of up to 2500 km.

"Antey-2500" ADMS is designed to engage:

existing and prospective tactical and strategic aircraft (including Stealth);
tactical, short- and medium-range ballistic missiles;
aeroballistic and cruise missiles;
airborne early warning and control systems, target acquisition and fire control systems;
loitering jammers.

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Main characteristics
Air targets engagement capabilities:
Maximum engagement range:
aerodynamic targets
350 km
tactical ballistic missiles
40 km
short-range ballistic missiles
30 km
Maximum altitude:
aerodynamic targets
30 km
ballistic targets
25 km
Maximum ballistic target speed
4500 m/s
Minimum radar cross-section of engaged targets
0.02 sq.m
Quantity of simultaneously engaged targets depends on the number of launchers within the system