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Combat vehicle for MANPADS squad

Mobility. Accuracy. Universality.

High mobility, implementation of the “fire-and-forget” principle, stealth combat application, and high noise immunity.

The combat vehicle of the MANPADS is capable of firing "Igla-S" or "Verba" MANPADS, in motion. It provides high automation of combat operation and round-the-clock combat application. 

"Gibka-S" combat vehicle for MANPADS squad is designed for:

air defence of combined armed units in all types of combat operations, including on march;
protection of small-sized and military, industrial, and infrastructure facilities against cruise missiles and other means of air attack flying at low and extremely low altitudes;
transportation of MANPADS squad personnel with their standard weapons, command and control systems, and other property in an armored vehicle.

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Main characteristics
Missile ammunition
Quantity of fire channels
Combat crew
The vehicle can perform autonomously or under direction from higher command post.
* 4 missiles on the launcher and 4 missiles in stowage
*one on the vehicle’s launcher with two ready-to-fire missiles and two gunners outside the vehicle
**squad leader, two air defence gunners and driver-electrician