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Mobile  all-round view  one meter wavelengths "standby" mode radar system of reconing medium and high altitude air targets

Mobility and automatization of combat work.

1L125E radar system has a high level of coordinates defining process automatization, documenting, flowing of information to the external consumers. The radar personnel can get detailed recommendations on the crew actions in different situations with the help of the information referral system.

The radar equipment is located on the antenna array and in the apparat container which spins with the antenna on the slewing rings and on the all-terrain KAMAZ chassis and in the driver's cab. The processes of deployment and withdrawal are automated.

The radar is designed for:

measuring three coordinates;
defining the state ownership;
identifying the aerodynamic and ballistic targets in the interference environment including targets based on stealth-technology;
direction finding interference sources and issuing the information to the customers.

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Main characteristics
1 Meter
Visibility zone:
by distance
5-500 km
by azimuth
360 degrees
by altitude
to 65 km
by location angle
from – 10 to 25 degrees or from 0 to 35 degrees
Vision period
5 or 10 seconds