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Special purpose vehicle "Tigr-M"

The AMN-233114 and ASN-233115 special purpose armored vehicles are intended for transporting personnel and cargo, towing trailer systems, as well as mounting weapons and military equipment, while ensuring the required level of bullet (mine) protection.

All the Tigr vehicle versions are designed to operate in any weather, day or night, and allow outdoor storage under the following conditions:

  • operating ambient temperatures of -50 to +50 °C;
  • dust content of the air of up to 1.5 g/m3 and wind speed of up to 20 m/s;
  • mountainous terrain (elevation above sea level up to 4,500 m and with a capability of negotiating 4,650 meter mountain passes) with a corresponding decline in towing and dynamic performance and fuel efficiency;
  • relative humidity of up to 98% at the temperatures of up to 25 °C;
  • precipitation rate of 180 mm/h;
  • integrated heat flux density of 1125 (0.027) W/m2 (cal/cm2•s).

The armored vehicles combine the characteristics of an all-terrain vehicle and a speed maneuverable car. They use an independent torsion bar suspension, which makes it possible to attain the highest possible speed when driving on rough terrain, while maintaining a high level of comfort ride for the crew and on-board troops. The vehicles are fitted with a domestic diesel engine and manual 5-speed transmission. Both vehicles can tow a 2.5 ton trailer.

The Tigr-M armored vehicle has an armored hull welded from steel sheets, which is fastened to the frame in ten points via rubber pads. All the windows and doors in the hull are provided with bulletproof glasses. The windshield bulletproof glasses are fitted with wipers, while the other bulletproof glasses are equipped with opening mechanisms that ensure the opening outward and upward with fixed positions.

The Tigr-M’s design has incorporated numerous improvements aimed at enhancing its operating characteristics, reliability, ergonomics, bullet and mine protection.

With its large interior volume, combined with high load-carrying capacity, protection and cross-country performance, the Tigr-M vehicle can be used as a platform for mounting a wide range of weapon systems, reconnaissance, communications, electronic warfare, and other equipment.

The standard equipment of the vehicle includes: a central tire inflation system allowing the driver to adjust the tire pressure on the move, depending on the road conditions, an electric winch with a pulling force of 4,000 kg and a filtration unit.

The armored hull of the multipurpose and special purpose vehicles provides all-round protection for the crew, main components and assemblies against 7.62mm PS bullets fired from the AKM assault rifle and 5.45mm PS bullets fired from the AK-74 assault rifle, which approximately corresponds to STANAG 4569 Protection Level 1.

Special design solutions provide personnel protection (while maintaining high survivability and mobility) when 0.6 kg of explosive explodes under a wheel and/or under the vehicle bottom).

There is a 594x594mm hatch with a cover in the central part of the AMN-233114’s hull roof.

Technical systems and remote-controlled weapon stations intended for special tasks can be installed on the vehicle by agreement with the customer. There are stowage spaces for a radio set and an IED jammer.

The features distinguishing the ASN-233115 from the AMN-233114 are as follows: reduced number of seats (6), a traverse platform mounted on the roof of the vehicle for mounting weapons, and special stowages in the vehicle for weapons, ammunition and weapon accessories.

Main characteristics
General data
Vehicle type
wheeled armored
Curb weight, kg
Gross vehicle weight, kg
Gross trailer weight (all types of roads and terrain), kg
Seating capacity
Main dimensions
Length, mm
Width, mm
Front/rear track, mm
Max height, mm
Ground clearance, mm
Wheelbase, mm
Min angle of approach / departure, deg
34 / 36
Max road speed (gross weight, no time limits), km/h
Cruising range (control fuel consumption), km
Obstacle crossing
Max grade, % (deg)
60 (31)
Max side slope, deg
Max vertical step, m
Max trench, m
Max fording depth, m
Power plant
Engine, model
YaMZ 5347-10 / 5347-11
Displacement, l
Max power, hp/rpm-1