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Portable automated artillery fire control system

The Malakhit system is designed to provide fire control for artillery units when firing semi-active laser-guided and unguided munitions.

Advantages and features

When employed, the Malakhit AAFCS provides:

  • day/night target detection and identification;
  • target range and angular position measurement (including for moving targets);
  • target designation (laser illumination);
  • survey of command observation post (COP) and firing position (FP);
  • firing data computation;
  • COP-FP data exchange;
  • firing data delivery to the gun;
  • automated entry of firing data (flight mission) into GAP.

Basic features of the COP:

  • carried in packs;
  • automatic survey control (GPS/GLONASS equipment);
  • small-sized, jam-resistant, long-range communications equipment;
  • round-the-clock operation (with a thermal imaging sight).


COP hardware (carried in three packs):

  • laser designator/rangefinder complete with a thermal imaging sight;
  • commander’s console;
  • radio.

FP hardware:

  • commander’s console;
  • radio;
  • gun terminal set.

Training facilities.

Main characteristics
Designation range, km:
tank-type target, day/night
boat-type surface target
COP fire control hardware weight, not more than, kg
AAFCS in travelling position
three packs
Battery fire readiness time (from target detection to firing data delivery to the gun), not more than, s