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2S31 Vena
Automated Self-Propelled Gun (SPG)

Versatility. Power. Maneuverability.

Agile as an IFV, powerful as a Tank, mighty as a Howitzer, can be used as a Mortar. 

The 2S31 Vena 120mm Automated Self-Propelled Gun is a highly maneuverable and powerful weapon system, designed to engage various static and moving, protected and unprotected targets with direct and mortar fire.

2S31 Vena is mounted on the BMP-3 armoured tracked amphibious platform and can follow tanks, negotiate trenches, ditches and water obstacles. The SPG can deliver direct, high and low trajectories fire from any position on the battlefield due to a modern automated (in elevation and azimuth) fire control system.

The main weapon of the 2S31 Vena SPG is the mighty and versatile 2A80 120mm rifled semi-automatic cannon which can fire both organic 120mm HEF projectiles and 120mm shells of Russian and foreign production. The organic 120mm round for the SPG is as powerful as 152/155mm HEF rounds and boasts of great accuracy.

High level of automation, enhanced accuracy and firepower, agile platform and reliable communication assets guarantee your success within any theatre of operations whatever the weather.

Main characteristics
Combat Weight
19.1 t
Ammo Load
70 rds
Maximum firing range:
HEF projectile
13,000 m
HEF shell
7,100 m
Firing Angles:
-4 – +80 (deg)
360 (deg)
Rate of Fire
10 rds/min
Cruising range
600 km
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