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Multifunctional ground jamming station

Protection against adverse artillery fire

The 1L262E is a modern EW system for reliable protection of troops against artillery rounds and mines with radio fuzes.

The 1L262E system is designed for jamming radio fuzes of artillery rounds and mines as well as for interfering with radio links of adversary forward air controllers.

The jamming station reduces the damaging effect of artillery shells and mines while it interferes with the operation mode of their radio fuzes.

The jamming generated by the station initiates detonation of shells at a safe altitude or switches the radio fuze to the contact mode, thus drastically decreasing destructive potential of the ammunition.

As a rule the station is employed for protection of forward command posts and firing emplacements, but also it covers transport hubs and crossings. The station operates in automatic mode both at parking and on the move. The station needs several milliseconds to determine the scanning frequency of the radio fuze and then it simulates the signal required for the round detonation.

The 1L262E station is capable of not only counteracting radio fuzes. It can be effectively used to suppress VHF radio communication links of the enemy, even those operating in the pseudo-random operational frequency readjustment (PROFR) mode.

The jamming station is mounted on the MTLBU lightly armoured tracked chassis that ensures high cross-country capabilities and mobility of the station and also the capability to employ it directly in disposition of force.

Main characteristics
Jamming frequency band, MHz
80 to 900
Total pulse power of the jamming signal, W
Coverage area, ha
up to 50
Station deployment time, min.
Readiness time, s
not more than 10