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5.56mm Kalashnikov Assault Rifle

AK Solutions for Western Ammo

Legendary AK platform expands the horizons and provides great opportunity for the operators using 5.56x45 ammunition to have their first-hand experience.

The 5.56mm AK-101 Kalashnikov assault rifle is an outreach to the wider international market with a more common European caliber. A successful attempt to merge Russian reliability and serviceability with 5.56x45mm ammunition.

This project is about breaching the barriers in the world of small arms and having an open mind to cooperation, technologies and standardization. All the design and material solutions implemented in the AK-101 are common for the 100th series of Kalashnikov Rifles. The grip, buttstock, foregrip and magazine are made of shock-resistant polymer which increases durability drastically. And the metal parts undergo special treatment and finishing in order to resist corrosion even under harshest weather conditions.

Accuracy and reliability have always been the merits of the AK platform and this generation is no exception.

Main characteristics
Empty weight
3.6 kg
Sighting range
1000 m
30 rounds