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The 9F700-1-E indoor simulator is designed for training the RPG-7V grenade launcher operators or RPO-A flamethrower operators in classroom conditions at training centers, schools, and units of various arms and services of the Armed Forces.

The simulator is designed for individual alternate training in the rules of operating and firing the RPO-A flamethrowers and RPG-7V grenade launchers from standing, kneeling, prone positions under various simulated weather conditions, and subsequent training to maintain and improve the acquired skills.

The simulator provides learning of the principles of operational use of weapons, generation of training tasks and scenarios depending on the trainee’s level of training, training in target detection and aimed fire day and night, under all weather conditions, against stationary and moving targets, recording of trainee’s performance in aiming and target engagement together with indicating common and individual errors, storage and recording of training outcomes in the database, ranking among trainees according to their firing results.

Tasks solved in the process of learning in “electronic” firing:

  • 13 training tasks (68 scenarios) - for training grenade launcher operators;
  • 13 training tasks (52 scenarios) - for training flamethrower operators.
Main characteristics
Floor space of a classroom, not more than, m:
Electrical power supply. V, Hz
220 ±10%, 50
Power consumption, not less than, kW
Operating conditions:
temperature, °C
+5 to +40
relative humidity at 25 °C, not more than, %