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Shipborne electronic suppression system

Preemptive detection and jamming

Advanced ECM system capable of issuing target designation data to passive jamming systems

small-size system;
accurate detection of radio signals;
operation in several frequency ranges;
effective jamming of enemy offensive weapons;
full automation of combat activities and substantial jamming immunity.

TK-25E shipborne electronic countermeasures system is designed to intercept emissions of airborne and shipborne target acquisition radars, weapon control radars and anti-ship missile radar seekers. The system performs automatic signal classification, detect most dangerous directions of attacks, and ensure jamming.

Configuration of the system depends on the class and the displacement of ships.

TK-25E ECM system can be installed on surface ships with different displacement (200-10000 t and bigger). The system ensures early detection and effective jamming of enemy radio-electronic equipment.

Main characteristics
azimuth, deg
elevation, deg
exceeds detection range of hostile radars by 10-20%
time of response, sec
jamming frequency band/power
W - Х-Кu/100-1200
interception frequency bands
P-L; S-C; Х-Кu