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30-mm light automatic artillery gun mountSimple. Compact. Reliable.

Designed for ships with low displacement

Low ammunition consumption;
High fire-power;
Simple maintenance. AK-306 six-barrel-gun is a light version of AK-630M (rapid fire artillery gun). The system has significantly lower mass and rate of fire. Artillery gun mount effectively ensures engagement of various targets; can be easily adapted for installation on ships and vessels of various projects. Longstanding operating experience on ships of the Russian Navy has proven high combat capabilities and performance of AK-306 artillery gun mount. AK-306 represents a reliable artillery system that ensures self defence of small ships.

Main characteristics
Full mass (with ammunition load), kg
Ammunition load, un.
Range of fire, km
Rate of fire, rpm
Guidance angles azimuth/elevation, deg.
± 180/ -12° ...+88°
Aiming speed azimuth/elevation, deg/sec
Types of rounds:
HE incendiary round
HE tracer round