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Integrated missile system

Inevitably strikes either on water, or on land

Long-range striking weapon

Possibility to combine different types of missiles;
Supersonic velocity of the warhead at the terminal stage;
Flexible programmed flight paths of a missile;
Strong jamming immunity;
Automation of combat process;
High reliability;
Tested in time of war

Club-S is designed for submarines. The system consists of a fire control system or a hardware and software system of a submarine's CIMS and vertical launcher units (VLU).

533-mm torpedo tubes with a quick reloading system can be used instead of the VLU.

The ammunition load includes 3M-54DE anti-ship missiles (3M-54TLE if launched from the VLU) and 3M-14TE, 3M-14TLE cruise missiles to engage land facilities. The missiles can change altitude and course during the flight to fly around the dangerous areas and geographical obstacles; to create a complex space-and-time scheme of a salvo.

Supersonic warhead of 3M-54DE or 3M-54TLE that separates when approaching a target is almost invulnerable to air defence systems of the ship.

Once installed on a submarine Club-S will serve as an irrefutable argument in containing a potential enemy.

Main characteristics
Range of fire, km
Altitude of 3М- 54DE and 3М-54TLE /3М-14E and 3М-14TLE, m:
at midcourse phase
at terminal phase
Velocity of missiles/warheads, m/sec
210... 270/ at least 700
Launch weight of 3М-54DE/3М-54TLE/3М-14E/3М-14TLE, kg
Control system type
inertial + GPS + active radar homing head